And if you’re wondering what the hell that long string of words even means, let me explain it like this… 

If you've ever ordered from an Etsy shop that sent their goods in adorable packaging, were drawn in by someone’s well-curated IG feed, or couldn’t resist popping into a gorgeous shop, you already know the importance of brand visuals.

Distilled down to the simplest concept, visual branding is everything your eyeballs come across when you're interacting with a business. Whether that's their social media graphics or a stunning booth setup—it's all part of the way a brand presents itself to the world. 

And when done strategically, visual branding has the power to help your business become recognizable and give your customers a feel-good experience that turns them into lifelong loyalists.

I'm Amanda!


Founder & CEO of The Still Refinery, a Visual Brand Strategy Consultancy based out of Arizona

That’s why you want to make sure your brand visuals are refined, polished, and consistent so that the impression your business makes is the type that creates a connection and inspires someone to buy.

Now that you know why brand visuals are so important, we should probably talk about what makes me the best person to help you perfect them, right?

A fun—
or not-so-fun

80% of people do judge a book by its cover.
AKA, people make assumptions based on visuals instantly.



(A serious mouthful, isn’t it?

With over a decade of experience having a brand of my own and a background in graphic design, I’m here to help you develop and elevate your brand visuals so your business can attract and convert more customers. 

I’m an 11-Year
Etsy Shop Owner Turned Visual Brand Strategist

Fresh out of college, I joined the corporate world, working as a graphic designer for a whole 7 months before quitting to open my own Etsy shop called lovingLeigh Yours. (Leigh’s my middle name!) 

During those 11 years running my shop, I learned that if I wanted to earn more sales, I needed to nail product photography and brand visuals. So I taught myself product styling and photo editing so my shop could catch the eye of potential customers.

In one swift pivot, The Still Refinery evolved into a visual brand strategy consultancy

When I moved to Arizona from Illinois, I decided to close up my Etsy store and pour the skills I had learned into launching The Still Refinery.

While The Still Refinery began by offering photo editing services so that small businesses could have professional “stills,” it quickly became clear that people needed support with their entire visual marketing plan and strategy.

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Been married since 2011 and have a daughter and son who are my two favorite little crazies... (And by that I mean, the absolute lights of my life)


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